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Dusty Rock Waldorf

Found this waldorf on sale earlier this month. I love looking at other people's Porter Davis finishes. Enjoy... :)
The Chatsworth facade: Wonder where I've seen that before... :) Looks like standard roof tiles but upgraded wooden window frames. The choice of dark garage door is nice. The bricks look like the thin version of my hawthorn ones from Austral. 
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The Grand Kitchen Review

Presenting to you... the magnificent L shaped Marriot kitchen...!

Hanging pendant lights from Domayne (Stella Pendant Light Copper - Small). Nice choice from the wifey.

A Deck That Turns Into A Swimming Pool!

If you've got a cool $million dollar budget for building a pool, this invention could be a pretty good wowser. Designed by Agor Engineering, an Israeli company, it's a Deck that slowly lowers to reveal a swimming pool! How cool is that!


Drum roll... I now present to you the final completion of the brand new Porter Davis Marriot!

Practical Completion Inspection

I'm happy to report that our PCI went very smoothly.  We went through the house on Friday for about two hours and everything we spotted was agreed to be fixed. Porter Davis was also happy for essentially a second PCI to be done on the following Tuesday 27th as that was the earliest time I could book my independent building inspectors. This time, I chose Darbecca and of the three that I have used now, Darbecca was by far the best to work with. 
Anyway, without further ado, here's a list of my PCI issues:
1. Kitchen taps were not connected and the cabinetry holes should be filled.  

PCI Checklist

My Practical Completion Inspection is on in about 12 hours time! Here's a comprehensive checklist I've copied from the Homeone forums. 

Cedar Plank Palandri Carpets Laid

Carpets were laid just before Christmas except for the master bedroom which was getting its squeaks fixed.  We picked the Palandri Category 2 carpets in Cedar Plank colour. Nothing too fancy as Category 2 was the included freebie and we didn't want to pay the Porter Davis premium for upgrades. Figured when it's better to let the kids wear out this one and replace it in a few years time at a much cheaper cost per square metre.

Here's a roll of carpet. The most excited I've ever been to see a roll of carpet :)